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UK vs US Spelling

Diabetologia style is to avoid US English usage and change to British English where appropriate, e.g.:
• ‘likely resulting from’: change to ‘probably resulting from’ or ‘was likely to have resulted from’
• ‘through 2019’: ask authors if this means ‘until 2019’ or ‘until the end of 2019’ and change appropriately

or → our
US spelling UK spelling / usage
favor behavior favour behaviour
color colour, but coloration, colorimetry, decolorise, discoloration
tumor tumour, but tumoral
humor humour (fluid), but humoral, humorally


er → re
US spelling UK spelling / usage
fiber fibre (but filter)
titer titre
liter litre
meter metre (unit) but meter for measuring device. Note also diameter
caliber calibre
center centre (except in US addresses and others officially spelled with ‘… er’, e.g. Steno Diabetes Center


l → ll
US spelling UK spelling / usage
labeled labelled
signaled signalled
modeled modelled
equaled equalled


f → ph
US spelling UK spelling / usage
sulfur sulphur


e → oe
US spelling UK spelling / usage
apnea apnoea
diarrhea diarrhoea
eosophageal oeosophageal
estrogen oestrogen
maneuver manoeuvre
Please note that the suffix ‘penia’ is not changed to ‘poenia’ or ‘paenia’


e → ae
US spelling UK spelling / usage
endotoxemia endotoxaemia
dyslipidemia dyslipidaemia
hyperglycemia hyperglycaemia
hemoglobin haemoglobin
ischemia ischaemia
anesthetised anaesthetised
etiology aetiology
uremia uraemia
pediatric paediatric (but pedagogic)
fecal faecal


log → logue
US spelling UK spelling / usage
homolog homologue
catalog catalogue
analog analogue


s → c
US spelling UK spelling / usage
defense defence
offense offence
practise Verb: practise; noun: practice
license Verb: license; noun: licence


lyz → lys
US spelling UK spelling / usage
analyzed analysed
dialyzed dialysed
catalyzed catalysed


ic → ical
US spelling UK spelling / usage
biologic biological
pathologic pathological
physiologic physiological


US spelling UK spelling / usage
aging ageing
aluminum aluminium
artifact artefact
billion 1000 million
different than different from
drug store pharmacy (medicines obtainable on or off prescription)/chemist (incorporates pharmacy but also sells toiletries)
fall autumn
gray grey
fulfill fulfil
guinea pig guinea-pig
mold mould
operating room operating theatre
program programme (except for computer program)
skillfull skilful
toward towards