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A narrative commentary about interoperability in medical devices and data used in diabetes therapy from an academic EU/UK/US perspective – published online 02/12/2023

Jendle graphical abstract

Johan Jendle, Peter Adolfsson, Pratik Choudhary, Klemen Dovc, Alexander Fleming, David C. Klonoff, Julia K. Mader, Nick Oliver, Jennifer L. Sherr, Jan Šoupal, Lutz Heinemann

People living with diabetes often use a large variety of medical devices to assist their day-to-day diabetes management. In this issue, Jendle et al ( summarise the current understanding of interoperability in medical devices and data used in diabetes therapy. The authors highlight that a critical aspect of interoperability is how diabetes technology, such as systems for integrated continuous glucose monitoring and automated insulin delivery (AID) systems, communicate with each other. Furthermore, they state that how the data generated by these devices are not only effectively downloaded, integrated and presented, but also effectively and safely used by the individuals living with diabetes and their healthcare providers are also important aspects. As well as the practical challenges, the authors report that connected devices must also adhere to regulatory and legal frameworks, with key issues relating to data ownership and the integrity of connected devices. The authors conclude that an open and transparent standard for data handling remains to be established and only when data can be assessed in a standardised manner can the data generated be integrated into electronic medical records. The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset.

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