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An atlas on risk factors for type 2 diabetes: a wide-angled Mendelian randomisation study – published online 08/09/2020

Shuai Yuan, Susanna C. Larsson

Observational studies have revealed a large number of possible risk factors for type 2 diabetes but whether the reported associations are causal remains unclear. In this issue, Shuai Yuan and Susanna Larsson ( identified causal associations of 34 exposures (18 risk factors and 16 protective factors) with type 2 diabetes under a wide-angled Mendelian randomisation framework. Insomnia was identified as a novel causal risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Eight associations remained after adjustment for adulthood BMI. In addition, there were 21 possible associations. The authors conclude that these findings imply that prevention strategies for type 2 diabetes need to be considered from multiple perspectives.

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