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Association between diabetes and haematological malignancies: a population-based study – published online 06/01/2021

Gong GA

Inna Y. Gong, Matthew C. Cheung, Stephanie Read, Yingbo Na, Iliana C. Lega, Lorraine L. Lipscombe 

While diabetes has been implicated as a risk factor for cancer, much of the data to date have focused on solid malignancies, while less conclusive data exist for diabetes and haematological malignancies. In this issue, Gong et al ( used Canadian population-based data to evaluate the incidence and prognosis of haematological malignancies among individuals with diabetes. They showed that diabetes is associated with a higher likelihood of developing a haematological malignancy. The authors also demonstrated that individuals with diabetes and haematological malignancy have higher all-cause mortality and cancer-specific mortality than those without diabetes. Importantly, these associations were seen even beyond 1 year after a diabetes diagnosis, which argues against a detection bias due to enhanced health contact. These findings suggest that diabetes adversely affects risk and prognosis of haematological malignancy , and that diabetes prevention strategies may not only reduce diabetes burden but may also potentially improve the risk of haematological malignancy.

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