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Association of maternal diabetes during pregnancy with high refractive error in offspring: a nationwide population-based cohort study – published online 17/08/2021

Du graphical abstract

Jiangbo Du, Jiong Li, Xiaoqin Liu, Hu Liu, Carsten Obel, Hongbing Shen, Zhibin Hu, Yongfu Yu

Intrauterine exposure to high levels of glucose may lead to vision impairment in offspring. However, whether, or to what extent, prenatal exposure to maternal diabetes increases the risk of refractive error (RE) in offspring is still unknown. In this issue, Du and Li, et al ( report that children of mothers with diabetes, especially those mothers with diabetic compilations, have increased risk of developing high RE in general, as well as specific types of high RE, persisting from the neonatal period to early adulthood. The authors conclude that these findings highlight the importance of early ophthalmological screening in children of mothers with diabetes diagnosed before or during pregnancy.

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