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Digital health technology and mobile devices for the management of diabetes mellitus: state of the art – published online 08/04/2019

Image from Shan Up front

Rongzi Shan, Sudipa Sarkar, Seth S. Martin

Mobile health (mHealth) for diabetes is a new but rapidly growing field that can potentially increase access to healthcare and improve self-management of diabetes. In this issue, Shan et al ( review state-of-the-art mHealth interventions for diabetes, discussing how components and features of existing interventions vary according to the specific patient needs to be addressed. The clinical outcomes of mHealth interventions are generally modest but promising. Currently, it is unknown which features are most effective at promoting clinical improvement, but expanding usage, personalisation and the incorporation of techniques for precision medicine are key future directions. Addressing barriers, such as cost, sustainability and integration with the healthcare system, is necessary for mHealth tools to be more widely adopted. The figure from this review is available as a downloadable slide.

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