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Feasibility of prevention of type 2 diabetes in low‑ and middle‑income countries – published online 15/02/2024

Kengne graphical abstract

Andre P Kengne, Ambady Ramachandran

The population of people with type 2 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) is huge and fast growing, calling for efforts to prevent further increases, while improving the detection and management of people with the condition. In this issue, Kengne and Ramachandran ( highlight the practical challenges in preventing type 2 diabetes and discuss the steps involved in the implementation of effective type 2 diabetes prevention programmes in LMICs. Existing evidence on type 2 diabetes prevention from both efficacy and implementation studies originates mostly from high income countries and, in LMICs, is dominated by studies from China and India. Challenges and barriers to implementing diabetes prevention programmes in LMICs include individual-, societal- and healthcare support-level factors. Going forward, steps in effectively implementing diabetes prevention programmes in LMICs while addressing the existing challenges should include awareness creation, risk screening of individuals, planning the programmes, and outcome evaluation. The authors conclude that non-invasive risk factor-based screening and information technology-based implementation strategies hold promise. The figure from this review is available as a downloadable slide.

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