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Global trends in diabetes complications: a review of current evidence – published online 31/08/2018

Fig from Harding paper

Jessica L. Harding, Meda E. Pavkov, Dianna J. Magliano, Jonathan E. Shaw, Edward W. Gregg

As the prevalence of diabetes continues to increase around the world, the profile of diabetes complications is likely to change. In this issue, Harding et al ( summarise the available evidence on current trends in diabetes complications. Overall, data primarily from high-income countries report that rates of amputations, acute complications, cardiovascular disease and mortality among people with diabetes are declining. In spite of this, people with diabetes remain at significantly higher risk for these complications compared with those without diabetes. Notable declines in mortality, coinciding with increased survival, may lead to proportional increases in other forms of morbidity (e.g. renal disease, infections, cancers and physical and cognitive disability), with important implications for the clinical and public health burden of diabetes. The continued monitoring of global trends in diabetes complications, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, will be essential to understanding the burden of diabetes moving into the future. The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset.

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