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Global trends in the incidence of hospital admissions for diabetes-related foot disease and amputations: a review of national rates in the 21st century – published online 13/12/2022

Lazzarini graphical abstract

Peter A. Lazzarini, Susanna M. Cramb, Jonathan Golledge, Jedidiah I. Morton, Dianna J. Magliano, Jaap J. Van Netten

Diabetic foot disease is a leading cause of hospitalisation and amputation. In this issue, Lazzarini et al ( review published data to determine the latest trends in global hospitalisation and amputation rates for diabetic foot disease. The authors provide evidence that global trends in hospitalisation rates for major amputations are largely decreasing but trends in minor amputations and diabetic foot disease are inconsistent. Further, they highlight that hospitalisation rates for diabetic foot disease without amputation are substantially higher than rates for diabetic foot disease with amputation and higher than rates for most other major diabetes complications. However, they suggest the need for caution in the ‘global’ interpretation of these findings because of the high heterogeneity of published data and limited data from low- and middle-income countries. The authors conclude that global reporting standards are needed to better interpret, monitor and address the large global burden of hospitalisation and amputation caused by diabetic foot disease.


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