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Interactions between islets and regulatory immune cells in health and type 1 diabetes – published 22/09/2021

Budd graphical abstract

Matthew A. Budd, Mahdis Monajemi, Sarah J. Colpitts, Sarah Q. Crome, C. Bruce Verchere, Megan K. Levings

Regulatory immune cells are known to control both innate and adaptive immunity, mitigating autoreactivity in type 1 diabetes. However, simply preventing autoimmune attack may not be sufficient to restore the function of damaged or destroyed islet beta cells. In this issue, Budd, Monajemi and Colpitts, et al ( summarise evidence suggesting that regulatory immune cells may also mediate tissue repair and regeneration, thus working to restore beta cell function. Focussing on macrophages, innate lymphoid cells and regulatory T cells, the authors discuss possible regenerative mechanisms of action and how networks of regulatory cells may work together to enhance beta cell function. They also highlight how technological advances will further knowledge in this area, potentially enabling new therapeutic avenues for type 1 diabetes.  The figure from this review is available as a downloadable slide.

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