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Keeping pace: the primary cilium as the conducting baton of the islet – published online 14/02/2024

Idevall-Hagren graphical abstract

Olof Idevall‑Hagren, Ceren Incedal Nilsson, Gonzalo Sanchez

The cilium is probably the most elusive of the cellular organelles and its functions are only just beginning to be explored and understood. The fact that it is the only organelle exposed to the extracellular milieu and its surface is packed with receptors clearly points to its involvement as a sensory platform, including in pancreatic islets. New research on the basic structural and functional features of the cilium in beta cells is converging with genome-wide association studies to support key roles of the cilium in both cell and organ-level physiology, including regulation of cell polarity, metabolism, and production and secretion of insulin. In this issue, Idevall-Hagren et al ( discuss the latest findings and the challenges ahead with an eye on the potential for developing strategies to steer ciliary signalling to produce therapeutical impact. The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset.

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