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Myokines in metabolic homeostasis and diabetes – published online 01/07/2019

Figure from Eckel paper

Jürgen Eckel

Physical activity triggers the release of a host of myokines, a group of molecules that integrate contracting muscle into the complex network of organ communication, consisting of metabolites, exosomes and many other crosstalk signals. In this issue, Jürgen Eckel ( reviews how myokines, as part of the organ crosstalk network, serve to communicate immediate and long-term information for functional adjustments in different tissues, with a significant role in positive metabolic control. In humans, the functional allocation of myokines has remained rather limited. Eckel suggests that future studies are needed to address the specific role of myokines in concert with other crosstalk molecules in humans, and the auto- and paracrine actions of these molecules. This may provide new insight into muscle physiology, as well as indicating myokines with therapeutic potential in diabetes. The figure from this review is available as a downloadable slide.

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