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Neuronal control of peripheral nutrient partitioning – published online 07/02/2020

Figure from Manceau et al.

Romane Manceau, Danie Majeur, Thierry Alquier

In addition to food intake and body weight regulation, it has become clear that specific brain regions and neurocircuits orchestrate the metabolic fate of nutrients in peripheral tissues in rodents and humans. Increasing evidence suggests that alterations in these processes can contribute to the development of obesity and diabetes. In this issue, Manceau et al ( review historical evidence and recent studies demonstrating that specific neuronal populations of the hypothalamus regulate the utilisation, storage and conversion of nutrients (referred to as nutrient partitioning) in peripheral tissues via the autonomic nervous system. In addition, this review summarises the molecular and biochemical mechanisms involved in regulation of peripheral nutrient partitioning by hypothalamic cells. Finally, the authors discuss the contribution of impaired neuronal control of nutrient partitioning to metabolic pathologies in humans. The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset

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