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Pre-pregnancy menstrual cycle regularity and length and the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: prospective cohort study – published online 14/08/2021

Wang graphical abstract

Yi-Xin Wang, Siwen Wang, Makiko Mitsunami, JoAnn E. Manson, Janet W. Rich-Edwards, Liang Wang, Cuilin Zhang, Jorge E. Chavarro

Long or irregular menstrual cycles have been associated with many endocrine-related diseases, but evidence linking menstrual cycle dysfunction with gestational diabetes mellitus is scant. In this issue, Wang et al ( report that, among 10,906 premenopausal women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study II, both irregular and long menstrual cycles during mid-adulthood (age 29–46 years) are associated with a greater risk of gestational diabetes mellitus . These associations are independent of BMI determined across the reproductive lifespan, as well as other well-known risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus (e.g. advanced maternal age, greater parity and unhealthy lifestyles). The authors conclude that these findings indicate that menstrual cycle characteristics before pregnancy may serve as early markers for subsequent risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.

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