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Prediabetes and risk of mortality, diabetes-related complications and comorbidities: umbrella review of meta-analyses of prospective studies – published online 31/10/2021

Schlesinger graphical abstract

Sabrina Schlesinger, Manuela Neuenschwander, Janett Barbaresko, Alexander Lang, Haifa Maalmi, Wolfgang Rathmann, Michael Roden, Christian Herder

The number of people with prediabetes is increasing. Prediabetes is defined here as a condition in which glucose metabolism is impaired but the diagnostic criteria for type 2 diabetes are not currently met. However, it is often a precursor for the development of type 2 diabetes. Whilst it does not usually exhibit symptoms, studies have reported that prediabetes is associated with comorbidities that are traditionally considered as diabetes-related complications. In this issue, Schlesinger et al ( summarised and evaluated the existing evidence on prediabetes and health outcomes in an umbrella review of meta-analyses. The authors found that prediabetes is associated with an increased risk for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, different types of cancer, and dementia, compared with people without prediabetes. They conclude that these observations emphasise the need for early prevention and management of prediabetes, for example by lifestyle interventions, to prevent diabetes-related complications.

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