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Sleep disorders in people with type 2 diabetes and associated health outcomes: a review of the literature – published online 16/08/2021

Schipper graphical abstract

Samantha B. J. Schipper, Maaike M. Van Veen, Petra J. M. Elders, Annemieke van Straten, Ysbrand D. Van Der Werf, Kristen L. Knutson, Femke Rutters

Sleep disorders are linked to type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications. In this issue, Schipper et al ( summarise the evidence demonstrating a high prevalence of sleep disorders in type 2 diabetes compared with the general population. They also discuss the association between sleep disorders and health outcomes, such as glycaemic control, microvascular and macrovascular complications, depression, mortality and quality of life. Additionally, they show that treating sleep disorders in people with type 2 diabetes improves these aforementioned health outcomes. The authors conclude that efforts should, therefore, be made to diagnose and treat sleep disorders in people with type 2 diabetes in order to ultimately improve their health and quality of life. The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset.

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