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Sleep quality and glycaemic variability in a real-life setting in adults with type 1 diabetes – published online 17/06/2021

Brandt graphical abstract

Rachel Brandt, Minsun Park, Kristen Wroblewski, Lauretta Quinn, Esra Tasali, Ali Cinar 

Reducing glycaemic variability is a key objective in glycaemic management. Suboptimal subjective sleep quality is common in adults with type 1 diabetes. In this issue, Brandt et al ( explore the relationships between overnight glycaemic variability measures and objective sleep quality in a real-life setting. The authors report that during nights with poor sleep quality glycaemic variability was greater, while nights with good sleep quality showed less variability after accounting for age, sex, BMI and overnight insulin dose. While the directionality of this relationship is unknown, the authors state that these findings provide a strong incentive for both healthcare providers and patients to consider sleep quality in personalised diabetes management plans.

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