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The impact of hospital-diagnosed depression or use of antidepressants on treatment initiation, adherence and HbA1c/LDL target achievement in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes – published online 19/10/2020

Rohde GA

Christopher Rohde, Jakob S. Knudsen, Norbert Schmitz, Søren Dinesen Østergaard, Reimar W. Thomsen

Incident depression in type 2 diabetes is associated with poor self-care and suboptimal treatment adherence. However, it is not known how pre-existing depression treatment relates to quality of care for individuals with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes. In this issue, Rohde et al ( report that individuals with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes who already receive treatment for depression are more likely than others to initiate and be adherent to glucose-lowering and lipid-modifying treatment. Pre-existing depression treatment was also associated with successful attainment of LDL-cholesterol and HbA1c treatment targets among individuals with type 2 diabetes. The authors suggest that these findings may be driven by the fact that individuals with ongoing depression treatment are already familiar with the healthcare system and drug treatment, and that effective treatment of depression, in itself, may improve diabetes care.

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