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Umbilical cord‑derived mesenchymal stromal cells preserve endogenous insulin production in type 1 diabetes: a Phase I/II randomised double‑blind placebo‑controlled trial – published online 24/05/2023

Carlsson graphical abstract

Per-Ola Carlsson, Daniel Espes, Sofia Sisay, Lindsay C. Davies, C. I. Edvard Smith and Mathias G. Svahn

Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) have been shown to modulate the immune system and dampen inflammatory and autoimmune responses in numerous diseases. In this issue, Carlsson et al ( report their findings from a Phase I/II dose escalation and double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial investigating the Wharton’s jelly MSC drug product, ProTrans, for the treatment of new-onset type 1 diabetes. In the dose escalation safety study, the authors demonstrate that ProTrans can be safely administered intravenously with no serious adverse events. A fixed dose of 200 million MSCs preserved the production of endogenous insulin and reduced exogenous insulin replacement compared with placebo 1 year after treatment. The authors conclude that a single treatment with ProTrans could potentially delay type 1 diabetes disease progression, thereby reducing the associated complications and improving quality of life.

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