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Amélie Bonnefond

Amélie Bonnefond (PhD) graduated with a PhD from University of Lille in 2010. Her scientific career has been focused on the dissection of the genetic etiologies of type 2 diabetes and obesity in order to elucidate their pathophysiology towards a better stratification of the patients and a putative identification of new drug targets. She is Director of Research (Inserm) at the INSERM/CNRS 1283/8199 unit (Lille Pasteur Institute and University of Lille) and heads a team tackling “Metabolic functional (epi)genomics and their abnormalities in type 2 diabetes and related disorders”. She is also the current scientific director of the PIA-funded EquipEx LIGAN-PM platform dedicated to the use of next-generation sequencing in precision medecine. She is a visiting professor at Imperial College London where she teaches in several Master courses. She has published >130 peer-reviewed scientific papers. She was laureate of the 2012 Rising Star award from European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the 2018 Auguste Loubatières award from the French-speaking Association for Diabetes (SFD), and a European Research Council Starting Grant.

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