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Graphical Abstracts

The aim of a graphical abstract is to give readers a visual summary of the main message of the paper. Graphical abstracts will appear in the html version of a paper (not the pdf) and will also be used in Diabetologia’s electronic tables of contents (eTOC) alerts, on our website and on twitter. For more information, please see our Instructions to Authors. These are examples of previous graphical abstracts:

Harris GA

Plasma fatty acids and the risk of vascular disease and mortality outcomes in individuals with type 2 diabetes: results from the ADVANCE study

Katie Harris, Megumi Oshima, Naveed Sattar, Peter Würtz, Min Jun, Paul Welsh, Pavel Hamet, Stephen Harrap, Neil Poulter, John Chalmers & Mark Woodward
Egerup GA

Pregnancy loss is associated with type 2 diabetes: a nationwide case–control study

Pia Egerup, Anders P. Mikkelsen, Astrid Marie Kolte, David Westergaard, Steen Rasmussen, Filip K. Knop, Øjvind Lidegaard & Henriette S. Nielsen

Association of diabetes-related autoantibodies with the incidence of asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis in the TRIGR randomised clinical trial

Jeffrey P. Krischer, David Cuthbertson, Marisa Couluris, Mikael Knip & Suvi M. Virtanen
Liu GA

Metabolomic and genetic associations with insulin resistance in pregnancy

Yu Liu, Alan Kuang, Octavious Talbot, James R. Bain, Michael J. Muehlbauer, M. Geoffrey Hayes, Olga R. Ilkayeva, Lynn P. Lowe, Boyd E. Metzger, Christopher B. Newgard, Denise M. Scholtens, William L. Lowe Jr & for the HAPO Study Cooperative Research Group

IGF-1 and cardiometabolic diseases: a Mendelian randomisation study

Susanna C. Larsson, Karl Michaëlsson & Stephen Burgess
Wang GA

Fasting blood glucose at admission is an independent predictor for 28-day mortality in patients with COVID-19 without previous diagnosis of diabetes: a multi-centre retrospective study

Sufei Wang, Pei Ma, Shujing Zhang, Siwei Song, Zhihui Wang, Yanling Ma, Juanjuan Xu, Feng Wu, Limin Duan, Zhengrong Yin, Huilin Luo, Nian Xiong, Man Xu, Tianshu Zeng & Yang Jin
Chen GA

A systematic review of trends in all-cause mortality among people with diabetes

Lei Chen, Rakibul M. Islam, Joanna Wang, Thomas R. Hird, Meda E. Pavkov, Edward W. Gregg, Agus Salim, Maryam Tabesh, Digsu N. Koye, Jessica L. Harding, Julian W. Sacre, Elizabeth L. M. Barr, Dianna J. Magliano & Jonathan E. Shaw