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Diabetes and climate change: current evidence and implications for people with diabetes, clinicians and policy stakeholders – published online 25/03/2023

Ratter-Rieck graphical abstract

Jacqueline M. Ratter-Rieck, Michael Roden, Christian Herder

Climate change and associated environmental risk factors, such as extreme weather events, air pollution and altered host–pathogen interactions, are a threat to human health. In this issue, Ratter-Rieck et al ( summarise recent evidence on how climate change may affect people with diabetes. The authors discuss how impaired responses to heat stress, diabetes-associated comorbidities and specific clinical characteristics make people with diabetes particularly vulnerable to climate-change-associated health risks, leading to increased risks of morbidity and mortality, for instance during heatwaves or after extreme weather events. They highlight that studies identifying additional predisposing factors and high-risk groups will support the development of targeted interventions. The authors conclude that implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies at governmental, clinical and individual levels will help to limit the detrimental health effects of climate change on people with diabetes. The figures from this review are available as a downloadable slideset

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