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After Acceptance

What next?

  • Step 1: The Editorial Office will request files and figures in the correct format, if these have not already been supplied
  • Step 2: Your paper will be copyedited, and the copyeditor will contact you with any queries that arise
  • Step 3: Your paper will be sent for typesetting. You will receive an email from our publisher, Springer, around this time; this includes a time-sensitive link giving access to the online procedure for the transfer of copyright and selection of Open Access and offprints. Failure to complete this procedure within a few days of receipt will result in dispatch of your proofs being delayed
  • Step 4: An electronic proof (URL) is sent to the corresponding author. The proof should be checked very carefully – it is helpful if co-authors are involved in this – and corrections should be returned to the Editorial Office within 48 h. Please note that any errors that are overlooked can only be put right by publishing an erratum
  • Step 5: Your proofs will be checked by a proofreader, and the Editorial Office will contact you if any queries arise
  • Step 6: Once corrections from the authors and proofreader have been collated, the proofs will be sent back to the typesetters for correction and online publication. See Online First
  • Step 7: You will receive an electronic offprint (pdf) free of charge. You will have the opportunity to order additional printed offprints during step 3.
  • Step 8: Once papers have been published online they will be assigned to a print issue of the journal
  • Step 9: Your article appears in print