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War in Ukraine

Statement from the Editor

As a consequence of the ongoing war in Ukraine, I have decided that, for now, Diabetologia will not consider research for publication in the journal that emanates from institutions in Russia. My decision does not mean that research by Russian citizens is disqualified, only research supported by and originating from Russian institutions.      

There are two main reasons behind this decision. The first is a humanitarian one. The war in Ukraine is an unprovoked attack on a neighbouring democratic nation. Like major democratic nations around the world, as well as large organisations and corporations, the journal wants to protest against this. The second reason is reliability. When assessing current information from Russian official sources I conclude that it is unreliable. At this point, I am unconvinced that Russian academic institutions are independent from the Russian government. It cannot be assumed that influence from the Russian government does not affect scientists and their work. 

The journal’s stance reflects the message communicated by the United Nations’ Resolution (United Nations General Assembly Resolution ES‑11/1) taken on 2 March 2022, where Russia is demanded to ‘immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders’.

Hindrik Mulder

Editor, Diabetologia 

Amendment made on 20 December 2022 


Statement from the EASD

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